These companies have “Gone Google” with T-Sciences:



Lake sattelite image

Google Earth Employs VR, Satellite Imagery To Highlight Conservation Issues

This article presents details on Google’s initiative with World Wildlife Fund and Condition One for the…
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BBC News Solar Energy Article

BBC News Article: Google launches solar power service in UK

BBC News reports on Project Sunroof, a Google initiative that will utilize machine learning, and…
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Michigan farm drone

Drones paired with Google Earth imagery help local Michigan businesses thrive

A recent article on, a Western Michigan bi-weekly publication covering local news, considers the how drones save…
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Africa drone google earth investigative journalism

Drones and Google Earth; Investigation explores uncharted territory using cutting-edge technology

The International Center for Journalists discusses “drone journalism” and its application in investigative reporting. The…
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A.J. Clark Talks About iSpatial


TST is able to provide a wide range of service-level offerings directly for our customers as well as in support of prime contractors. The following are our capabilities within information technology: