Google Earth Enterprise

The Power of Google Earth - All Within Your Enterprise.

Google Earth Enterprise is intended for organizations with large sets of geospatial data that need a secure, private platform for mapping applications. Create custom layers, maps, terrain, and vector data all while limiting or expanding as much access as you want. Used within Department of Defense Intelligence agencies to oil and gas pipeline management, Earth is one of Google's most powerful platforms.


  • Easy to use: Quick to set up and easy to use for nearly any operator.
  • Fully operational offline: View globes anywhere, with or without an Internet connection.
  • Secure and private: Operate secure and protected or even in a fully protected environment.

Disconnected, Portable

  • Google Earth operates within the most secured environments, behind firewalls, and completely offline.
  • Create, cut, and distribute custom globes using Google Earth Portable all without a connection.
  • Read the Google Maps Engine Security White Paper

Google Earth + Google Earth Fusion

Thermopylae knows Fusion better than anyone. Fuse, create, and deploy custom globes.