Google Maps Engine

Manage your maps - not servers.

Google Maps Engine’s core platform capabilities - Map, Share, and Build - are all made possible by Google's fast and reliable cloud infrastructure. Provide secure, cross-platform access to maps for developers and unlimited users. Manage your maps using Google’s cloud infrastructure and let your users rely on map data that is always up to date.


  • Create maps intuitively using Google Maps’ easy-to-use and familiar technology.
  • Share custom-made Google Maps anytime and anywhere and publish them at-scale.
  • Build geospatially enabled applications on top of Google’s fast and reliable cloud.


Worried about your data in the cloud? Don't be.

Learn about the thousands of companies that have gone Google.

Read the Google Maps Engine Security White Paper

Google Maps Engine + Google Maps for Business

A perfect match for your enterprise.

Google Maps Engine is the powerful backend, and Google Maps for Business is the beautiful front end you know and love.

Create powerful, custom maps that can be deployed in minutes.