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Unlock the potential of Google Maps, Search, and Apps with award-winning services and unparalleled experience.

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With Google For Work, you benefit from:

Award-winning software platforms
Customized solutions are familiar and easy to use.

Roust security
Rest easy knowing powerful security features are protecting your data.

Mobilized productivity
Mobile compatibility is available for most features.

Fine-tune your toolset to meet your unique challenges.

Powerful Collaboration
Work together in real-time for improved productivity.

World-class support
Benefit from Google and Google Community support.

Web-based access
Access your tools from anywhere.



Google Map Data Visualization and Apps Taken to a New Level

What do you get when you combine the powerful Google technology with Thermopylae Sciences and Technology (TST)? You get customized solutions, such as geospatial data visualization, that take your company’s power and reach to a new level.

With Google For Work solutions from TST, you can unlock the potential of Google Maps, Earth, Search, and Apps with award-winning services and unparalleled experience. Whether you’re a consumer goods company with global reach looking for ways to improve your supply chain or a security company with specific training needs, our innovative solutions have you covered.

We’ve created a company-specific Google data visualization map that combines weather, traffic, and other key data with supply chain info. The end result is a model that ensures issues can be accurately identified and prevented. With Google enterprise solutions from TST, you can plan better and make more-informed decisions.

If you need to implement Google Apps company-wide, we can help with that, too. We assisted the USAID when they deployed Google Apps across their agency. Not only did we support with the transition, but we also helped train their employees around the world, from Central America to Africa.

With TST, you can take full advantage of Google Apps, specifically in regards to collaboration and security. We worked with Intelink system to deploy Google Apps and developed plans for a full deployment across the entire network backed by hardened security.

Industry Use Cases

  • supply-chain-no-logo

    Global Consumer Goods Supply Chain Visualizer

    A large, global consumer goods company's supply chain utilizes a Google Maps/iSpatial implementation to quickly and accurately identify and mitigate potential disruptions. Weather, traffic, and other data are fused with supply chain data to create a model that allows for better planning and decision making.

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  • USAID-Logo

    USAID Google Apps Training

    Assisting USAID in their agency-wide deployment of Google Apps, TST supported transitioning and training of employees around the world. Support included training in sites such as Central America and Africa, as well as virtual training.

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  • intelink

    Intelink Google Apps

    TST has deployed Google Apps on the Intelink system with special consideration to collaboration. Future plans include a full deployment across the entire network with hardened security.

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Google products can be used for:

  • Business productivity and collaboration
  • Knowledge and data fusion
  • Data visualization
  • Geospatial toolsets and platforms
  • Information sharing
  • Command knowledge fusion and visualization
  • Common operating pictures

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Technical Specifications

Please visit the Google For Work site for specific and up-to-date details on enterprise-level products (

TST is an authorized vendor of Google For Work products for both Government and Commercial Business. Please contact us for special pricing and capabilities regarding Google For Work software.