iHarvest is a standards-based enterprise analytic service that organizes, analyzes, and reports activities to inform critical decisions.

Learn How iHarvest Can Transform Your Business


  • Transform activities into profile models
  • Monitor temporal, geo, and contextual interests
  • Capture enterprise activities and events


  • Identify groups and clusters of activity
  • Compare profiles and searches
  • Process custom data types/sources


  • Deliver results to make better decisions
  • Get recommendations and alerts
  • See robust activity-based statistics

Gain Unprecedented Insight Into Your Operation


Connect analysts and boost effciency

Trend analysis
Glean insights from Big Data

Application monitoring
Streamline license and feature expenses

Superior counter intelligence
Get alerted to possible insider threats

More Useful Data
Make better decisions with more powerful data.

Faster Alerts
Be proactive — not reactive — with faster alerts to growing issues

Near-seamless Operation
Don’t worry about an impact to user tools/activity on your network.

Recommendations for related data
Discover new information.



Data Analytics Technology That Empowers You

iHarvest is a standards-based enterprise analytic service. Its data analytics tools organize, analyze, and report activities so you can make the right critical decisions.
Thermopylae Sciences and Technology (TST) has worked with both commercial and government agencies to create customized data analytics products that inform and empower.

Industry Use Cases

  • Information Sharing for Regional Display

    U.S. Southern Command: Whole-of-Society Information Sharing for Regional Display (WISRD)

    Originally developed for crisis response, the WISRD system assists SOUTHCOM in combating the illicit drug trades in Central and South America. WISRD (formerly known as 3D UDOP) was developed immediately following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti to allow users to contribute, author, and collaborate on the relief efforts. As part of the system, iHarvest operates by building profiles of analysts’ activities and then makes recommendations and connects analysts with similar interests.

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  • Defense Threat Reduction

    Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)
    Biosurveillance Ecosystem (BSVE)

    Developed for the BSVE program, the Collaborative Overarching Multi-feed Biosurveillance System (COMBS) is a cloud-based software platform that combines COTS and GOTS products to provide early warning detection of medical outbreaks around the world. As the system's backbone, iHarvest provides collaboration and connection opportunities to COMBS analysts. As data comes into the system, iHarvest builds a profile of what analysts access and then makes recommendations and promotes collaboration between them.

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Technical Specifications

iHarvest Adapters: Scripts used to feed data into iHarvest

Data ingestion from: RMDBS polling, AMQP/JMS queues, and moreMonitor: user activity, data feeds, user created feeds, custom agents, logsSupports JSON, XML, text, and almost any other data format

iHarvest Analytics

Outputs include: Profile data models, similarity processing, recommendations, alerts/notifications, geo awareness, activity stream, global statistics, global profiles

iHarvest Server

REST, JMS, and AMQP APIs feed data to and retrieve analytics from iHarvest ServerPowered by 4 engines: Profile, Alert, Recommendation, and AnalyticAMQP-Qpid Message Queue balances asynchronous processingMongoDB NoSQL document store for persisting iHarvest data

Server/Hosting Requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows, Linux, or MacOS*
  • Software: JBoss 7.1.2-Final, Apache QPID 0.20, MongoDB 2.4.1
  • RAM: 4GB or more (8GB recommended)
  • CPU: 64-Bit, 2 cores (8 cores recommended)
  • Storage: 50GB (250GB recommended)

*64-bit architecture required for use with MongoDB