Ubiquity is an extensible platform for creating dynamic, customized, and geocentric native mobile applications.

Learn How Ubiquity Can Transform Your Business

Create and Launch

  • Create native mobile applications with pre-built widgets
  • Add your content and data


  • Change features as needed
  • Create custom widgets (with the SDK)

“Smart” Apps

  • Built-in rights and roles management
  • Configure rules, boundaries, and alerts
  • Near-real-time data updates


  • Distribute data across your business
  • Collaborate with team members

Manage a powerful mobile enterprise

Create, manage, and deploy
Control every aspect of your mobile app portfolio

No coding skills necessary
Build your apps using wizards

Direct connections with users
Push notifications and messages straight to users

Command “smart apps”
Situation-aware, dynamically changing apps

New capability on the fly
Send new features directly to users

Widget-based feature sets
Build mobile apps using “drag and drop” functionality

One-click publish of apps
Deploy to Google Android and Apple iOS with one-click

On-demand apps
Deliver what your users need, when they need it


Industry Use Cases

  • Mobilize Enterprise Systems & Data

    Mobilize Enterprise Systems and Data
    Ubiquity widgets can be customized to connect to enterprise systems and data. Extend your business’ reach with mobile access to systems like ordering, HR forms, inventory, timecards, and more. Increase productivity and access up-to-date information with access to tools anywhere.

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  • Field Reporting

    Field Reporting
    Get immediate updates from the field with a Ubiquity app connected to in-house systems. Whether they are providing status updates or sending critical alerts, your team can have a direct link to send real-time information to key decision-makers. Ubiquity’s context-sensitive features deliver access to exactly what employees need, when they need it.

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  • Mobile Guides

    Mobile Guides
    Connect directly with customers and visitors with a dynamic mobile guide built with Ubiquity. Customers can access to up-to-date, live information feeds, maps, and multimedia with a direct path for you to connect with them to share special offers, messages, and more.

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*New edition coming soon

Technical Specifications

Ubiquity Web

Ubiquity Web Interface - allows users to build, manage, and deploy mobile applications (app administration, create contexts, etc)

Ubiquity Web API - RESTful web-services that allow other systems or services to access Ubiquity capabilities and are also leveraged by the Ubiquity Mobile Apps

Back-end Services

Supporting services for providing data storage (e.g. context information, images, etc.), automated app building, messaging, and authentication

Ubiquity Mobile Apps

Mobile applications and capabilities that users create, manage, and deploy from the web interface for Android or iOS

Ubiquity SDK

Android, iOS, HTML5 toolkits for building new Ubiquity Widgets for inclusion in Ubiquity Mobile Apps

Mobile Application Requirements:

  • Android OS 4.1+
  • Apple iOS 7.0+

Web Dashboard Requirements:

  • Chrome 30+, Firefox 23+, Internet Explorer 9.0+

Web Server/Hosting Requirements:

  • CentOS 6.5
  • Intel or AMD CPU (dual-core or better recommended)
  • 4 GB RAM; 8 GB RAM recommended
  • 20 GB HDD space; 40 GB HDD space recommended