Kenneth R. Banks

President and CEO of Banks Contracting Company

Celebrating 30 years in business, Kenneth R. Banks, founder and president of Banks Contracting Company, Inc., has grown a small construction company into a construction and real estate development giant, ideally positioned at the crossroads of international business and government.

At the helm of a multi-million dollar, minority-owned strategic planning consortium, Mr. Banks continually refines a vision that successfully creates and builds companies, constructs mega- projects, and grows real estate ventures. As a proven visionary and development pioneer, he views the world through several distinct lenses.

Through a lens of strategic partnerships, he has partnered with the largest real estate and biotech developers in the United States, as well as the largest parking operator in the world. He has joint venture relationships with five of the top 20 construction firms in the United States for projects totaling more than $1 billion.

Through his business acumen, diplomacy and depth of experience, Mr. Banks is regarded as an “Ambassador of Strategic Partnerships.” He is one of the industry’s top advisers, often meeting with international dignitaries, and is a sought-after speaker.

In the course of managing the intricacies of business relationships, processes, and negotiations, he routinely delivers the best in class standard of performance so that all parties enjoy a level of satisfaction. He often says, “Business is a co-creation. You get people with like minds around you and create a vision-mission attitude.”

Through philanthropy, he brings his compassion to improve the plight of young people in underserved communities. Having been in that position himself, he knows how one person can make a difference. With the first 18 years of his life limited to a two-mile radius of housing projects in Yonkers, N.Y., his world now encompasses every point on the globe, with a limitless vision to match.

As a committed humanitarian, he envisions establishing academic institutions especially for underprivileged youth, so they have the opportunity to flourish in an environment where they are housed, educated, nourished and cultured. In the past five years, his donations have helped support more than 70 nonprofit organizations.

Mr. Banks balances his active workdays with a lifestyle committed to wellness. His discipline in business is also apparent in his other endeavors: he won a full-contact international karate championship in Japan, and is an avid skier, skydiver, and a certified scuba diver.

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