U.S. Army – Southern Command (SOUTHCOM).


Immediately following the earthquake in Haiti, SOUTHCOM realized it needed a capability that would allow users to contribute, author, and collaborate on information related to the relief efforts. Information sharing was limited to conventional methods and severely limited responders’ abilities to quickly and effectively collaborate using the latest data.


Leveraging the iSpatial Framework and Google™ Earth Enterprise, TST designed, developed, and deployed (public, NIPR, and SIPR) a robust Web-based, 3-D, geospatial environment that was immediately used by SOUTHCOM, NGOs, and relief workers on the ground to accomplish their mission.


SOUTHCOM, and other organizations and users that utilized the 3DUDOP’s capability are now working with TST to develop, create, and deploy an enhanced set of capabilities that can be used not only within the DoD, but within the international community to address future disasters. The 3D UDOP, now a component of the SOUTHCOM WISRD system, continues to be a major tool in SOUTHCOM’s operational arsenal.

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