Goodrich ISR


Goodrich Corporation, a developer of sensor systems for aircraft and other platforms, had a requirement to develop a new system to visualize airborne SYERS data (U2 aircraft) alongside other sensor information and data intelligence feeds. The data also had to be displayed in near real-time to be an effective tool for analysts to search and filter that data and to see where the U2 is at any time, and where it collected that sensor information.


An iSpatial® solution was developed that integrates data feeds from the SYERS sensor system while the aircraft is airborne, sending that information down to analysts on the ground. The Web-based system builds awareness among the analysts and combines two critical sensor feeds: imagery and auxiliary (field of view, camera data, altitude, and other meta data). This information is all displayed, along with other intelligence feeds, in near real-time on a Google Earth™ globe.


The platform is now in its final proof-of-concept stage and is being delivered to the government end-user. A Phase II to this program is on the horizon which will further integrate more iSpatial features and analytical tools.

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