Army G2


Army G2 began a software development initiative aimed at extending access to cloud-based data and analytics to Warfighters at the Tactical Edge. Phase II of the Windshear program involved a requirement to develop a mobile-based framework that would serve as the link between the Warfighter and the tactical cloud and also serve up the capabilities required by the program.


TST led the efforts to develop both the mobile and geospatial components of Windshear, Phase II. By utilizing a unique combination of iSpatial® and Ubiquity®, TST created a powerful platform that leveraged geo-fencing to define zones for mobile capability provisioning on the Warfighter’s device.


The unique capabilities of iSpatial and Ubiquity resulted in a software product that exceeded the G2′s expectations. Fielded during Empire Challenge 2011, the Windshear software delivered rapid provisioning of the tools the Warfighter needed- all through a smartphone. With analytics conducted securely through the cloud, the Warfighter now has unique capabilities via a mobile device including-but not limited to- biometrics, facial recognition, reporting, ID scanning, and more.

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