Ethics is at the heart of Thermopylae and drives everything we do. We interpret ethics from its original Ancient Greek adjective of ethos, meaning a custom or habit. Ethics at Thermopylae is not just a manual or a yearly training course but something that is ingrained into our team’s thought processes and actions.

Four key areas where we strive to exhibit ethics

From Our Team Members

All of our team members are given the highest degree of ethical treatment and are expected to provide the same in return. A focus on a solid work-life balance and ethical management enforces this principle. Our personnel are not only the most talented in their respective career fields but they also bring the highest degree of ethical conduct for our customers. This concept is constantly reinforced within Thermopylae Sciences and Technology and we raise the bar to the highest level for ethical standards in our organization.

Our Customer and in Our Work

Our customers are our greatest asset and we analyze various courses of action to ensure that we are acting in their best interest with our decision making process. We stand behind our work and believe that we are truly teammates with all of our customers and exhibit that level of support. Going the extra mile and staying until the job is done is what we are all about.

Our Community

At Thermopylae we evaluate the immediate and long-term social and environmental consequences of our activities. As an organization founded on doing the right thing we exhibit this through routinely engaging in philanthropy, community service projects, scholarships, and employee volunteerism. We expand our view beyond local community and carefully review opportunities to contribute to the greater good of those in need on an international scale.

Our Core

As a business there are many goals that you can set within a company to achieve desired results. Business growth, increased revenue, and other things generally dominate the list of numbers ones. At Thermopylae our number one priority is to do the right thing, not to make a buck, but because it is the right thing to do. At the end of the day, being recognized as honest brokers gives us a sense of accomplishment that is much more valuable to our stakeholders than growth percentages.