TST provides the insurance industry with a platform to access and readily share business data across the enterprise. Track and analyze risk factors, customer interaction, and economic conditions quickly and easily with one comprehensive system. Over the past decade, we’ve developed industry-leading, web-based technologies that allow organizations to improve business processes and workflows through a common, easy-to-use tool.

Our applications enable improved quantitative analysis and visualization to model, measure, and track issues across your entire organization, including operations,  planning and engineering, marketing and sales, and customer service departments.

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  • Live Modeling

    Use live, dynamic updates to model risk factors in real time. Aggregate multiple data sets to visualize complex systems in one unified display. Natural disasters can be easily rendered over insured assets for risk analysis and forecasting.


  • Market Research

    Identify opportunities more efficiently by incorporating geospatial data. Target customers and establish expansion strategies by population shifts, demographics, and proximity to competitors.