Innovating with DIA: GEOINT 2013* Presentation on IC ITE and NSA’s Apps Mall (AML) with iSpatial Featured

Published on April 17, 2014

The DoDIIS App Engine (DAE) framework supports the DIA’s effort to migrate more than 400 applications on top of ICITE infrastructure.  This important effort ensures that the DIA remains future-proof with the most unique cloud-based capabilities for enhancing collaboration and intelligence integration.

During an afternoon presentation at GEOINT 2013*, Gus Taveras, Chief Technology Officer, DIA, discussed innovation engagement opportunities, mechanisms, and initiatives at DIA that are truly transforming IT.

In addition, Dan Doney, Chief Innovation Officer, DIA, also provided insights into the complexity behind the DAE Framework, as well as cost challenges for transitioning all 400 apps within DIA.  Elasticity and being able to scale up or down based on need is also critical for supporting mission goals in a cost-effective manner.

Jason Kahn, Apps Mall Service Provider, NSA, also highlighted how the latest features in the Apps Mall and Ozone are now encouraging the community to deliver common platforms, storefronts, and application standards for mission and business applications.

Doney showed the App Mall in action, which featured Thermopylae’s iSpatial, a web-based collaborative framework that leverages Google Earth and Maps in a flexible, task-based approach to solving complex problems.

To hear the full presentation, please click here.  The video was provided as a courtesy from the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF).



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