iSpatial is a feature-rich Web thin client for Google Earth Enterprise, Google Maps Platform, and numerous other Geo Servers for managing private data. Pre-built toolsets from iSpatial transform your backend Geo Servers into a powerful geospatial data tool.

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Learn How iSpatial Can Transform Your Business


  • Use iSpatial's point, line, and polygon tools to author geospatial data directly over your globe
  • One-click data ingestion means you can import entire data sets almost instantly
  • Layering multiple data sets over one another allows for insights and discoveries only possible with a unified visualization
  • Integration with Google Places and Search means fast and easy discovery (Google Maps Platform online connection required)
  • Define searches geospatially to discover data by location as well as by keyword
  • Reach across systems and data sets with a comprehensive search that spans all of your data sets


  • Easily integrate iSpatial with your existing user management systems or use the pre-built option
  • Configure rules, boundaries, and alerts for quick notification of data changes
  • Get near-real-time data updates with network-linked data sources


  • Session sharing acts as an advanced screen share tool for collaboration
  • Data layers and objects are shareable between users and groups
  • Using a one-click export, easily package intelligence for use in other geospatial systems

Google Earth and Maps on Steroids

iSpatial is your quick and powerful way to turn Google Earth Enterprise and Google Maps into a true geospatial toolset. It's everything you love about Google's geo experience with the tools you need to achieve your mission.

Intelligence visualization and collaboration becomes as easy as navigating Google Maps. If you have a network of stores, a fleet of vehicles, or shipments that need to get from point A to point B, you need to access crucial data quickly. With iSpatial geospatial solutions, you can. Get comprehensive location-specific data — from supplies and shipments to analytics — at a glance with one click of your mouse.

Use iSpatial's flexible, geospatial technology to solve complex problems by adapting the tool to meet your workflow, use your data, and make better, more informed decisions through the power of Google.

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Industry Use Cases

  • Store Location

    Store Location
    Whether you are visualizing your network of stores or simply looking to display any geographically- dispersed locations, iSpatial has you covered. From simple display of locations to detailed information, services, and analytics, iSpatial supplies location-specific information to your employees or customers.

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  • Asset Tracking and Reporting

    Asset Tracking and Reporting
    Visualize your assets in the field and get up-to-date information on their status. Vehicles, shipments, and more can be displayed on a custom map with real-time information available at the click of your mouse. Combine relevant data like weather and road incidents and make better, informed decisions.

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*New edition coming soon

Technical Specifications

Web Application

  • Built using VertX, a high-performance WebSocket communication framework
  • Supports real-time remote collaboration via interactive screen sharing and data/services sharing
  • Focuses on visualization of KMLs, maps, and globes using services like Google Maps and Google Earth Enterprise
Back-end Services (Java)

  • Supports complex text, temporal, and geospatial queries using PostGIS
  • Exports data to industry-standard and OGC-compliant KML format
  • Supports lightweight, fast, and reliable communication via VertX
  • Employs a simple import workflow for KML, CSV, and Shapefiles
Browser Requirements

  • Internet Explorer 9.0+, Edge, Firefox 31+, or Chrome 33+
  • WebGL supported drivers (recommended)

Server/Hosting Requirements*

  • Google Earth Enterprise Server or Google Maps Platform
  • PostgreSQL 9.3 - 9.6
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.4 or CentOS Linux 7.4
  • Wildfly 11 and Java 8

*Cloud hosting available