Geospatial Solutions

Thermopylae Sciences and Technology offers clients a range of geospatial products and services, from software such as our iSpatial® and Ubiquity® platforms, to consulting and collaboration with government and private sector stakeholders. In everything we do, we strive to deliver innovative solutions that leverage our years of in-depth industry experience to get results for our clients.

Count on Thermopylae for any of the following:

  • Custom application development – To be effective, location technology must be implemented into your workflow in a way that is streamlined and meaningful. We develop custom geospatial applications around Google Maps API, O​penLayers and other platforms, offering solutions tailored to your unique needs — whether they include asset tracking, real-time visualization or collaboration.
  • Geospatial integration and architecture – Integrating geospatial information at the enterprise level is a persistent challenge for many organizations. Thermopylae can design and collaborate on solutions that incorporate multiple data sets and give your team access to the key insights necessary to make informed decisions.
  • Imagery analysis – From asset tracking to hydrocarbon exploration, Thermopylae’s background in GIS and GEOINT allows us to provide analysis and indexing of geospatial data sets for a number of different applications.

Why Thermopylae?

  • Named an Enterprise Global Partner of the Year for Maps 2013, we have a close working relationship with Google’s geo product team, and a long history of collaborating with government and military contractors.
  • We have experience dealing with unique and complex problem sets, and we can develop innovative solutions to the problems specific to your organization.
  • Our team comes from a federal contracting background and understands the challenges involved in working with critical problem sets in secure or classified environments.
  • We have award-winning geo software development credentials, as evidenced by our flagship products iSpatial and Ubiquity.
  • We’re a small business that thrives on internal collaboration. Our solutions are the result of developers, marketers, managers and other experts working together to solve the problems that affect your organization.

All information has a geospatial context. When you need a partner who can help you turn raw data into actionable intelligence, Thermopylae can help. To discuss your requirements with one of our geo experts, contact our office directly.

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