Mobile Development

Mobile development has been one of our core capabilities since Thermopylae Sciences and Technology was founded in 2007. We were one of the first developers working on the Android platform and still maintain close ties to Google’s mobile development group. As the winner of the 2012 C4ISR Journal Award for Most Innovative Program, we’re recognized as an industry leader capable of delivering exceptional value to every client we partner with.

Our mobile products and services include:

  • Ubiquity® – One of our flagship products, Ubiquity is an innovative web-based platform for creating custom geocentric mobile applications. Flexible and intuitive, Ubiquity lets users develop native applications using a powerful set of pre-built widgets — no coding required. Scalable and extensible, Ubiquity lets you connect with customers, employees and other stakeholders. You’ll also be able to expand your mobile capability as your organization grows and your priorities change.
  • Custom app development – For businesses with unique mobile needs, we offer both custom app development and custom widget development within the Ubiquity platform. Our team thrives on collaboration and believes that any project should begin with a thorough assessment of your requirements and goals. This allows us to leverage the collective expertise of our staff to create solutions that not only address your technical considerations but also your overall organizational strategy.
  • Enterprise consulting – We have experience in enterprise-level mobile integration with a variety of systems. We can help you ensure feature parity across multiple platforms, develop apps for low- or no-bandwidth situations, or implement mobile tools that turn complex geospatial data sets into actionable business intelligence.
  • Mobilization of existing platforms – Thermopylae makes going mobile easy. We’ll assess your current software applications, identify areas where they can be refined or improved, and develop a path to mobilization that ensures business continuity and data preservation.
  • App store integration Our team includes marketing experts who know how to get your product to the users that will benefit from it most. Let us assist with app store integration and more.

Previous clients have included government agencies and contractors, organizations in the energy sector, private businesses and more. Call Thermopylae today to arrange a demo of Ubiquity, or to learn more about how our mobile development and consulting services can benefit you.

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