Systems Architecture

Effective software and mobile solutions must be designed from the ground up. Thermopylae Sciences and Technology is able to provide innovative, custom products for our customers because we have invested in the ability to design, develop and integrate multifaceted system architectures.

Since 2007, we have been expanding our expertise and technical capabilities to better serve those we partner with. Whether you’re a government or military contractor, or a private company, we’ll work with you to provide the comprehensive IT solutions you need to thrive.

Our Work

Systems architecture is a broadly defined field encompassing the hardware, software and organizational management of an IT system. The relationships and rules between these factors play a large role in determining its effectiveness and the productivity of the users who rely on it every day.

With an in-depth knowledge of geospatial capabilities, mobile software frameworks and cloud computing, Thermopylae has the expertise necessary to help organizations develop and refine modern informational systems that meet the specifications of today’s businesses and their stakeholders.

Finding Solutions for Your Complex Problems

The best IT solutions are those that implement key concerns at the structural level. Rather than trying to develop an ad hoc solution for security, reporting, classification and compliance issues after the fact, Thermopylae can develop a custom solution that is built with them in mind. This improves overall performance, streamlines workflows and reduces the chance of a potentially damaging error.

Geospatial Systems Architecture

Working with big data sets such as geospatial information from Google Maps API, O​penLayers or other platforms requires sophisticated architectures. A well-designed system should allow users to process information in real-time, share resources and collaborate on projects, and respond to changing situations. Thermopylae excels at creating systems with advanced functional capabilities, comprising integrated software solutions, custom mobile and web apps, and more. To discuss your specific needs and learn more about how we can help you meet them, contact our office today.

Why Thermopylae?

Named the 2013 Google for Work Global Partner of the Year for Maps, Thermopylae is recognized as an industry leader in geospatial and traditional systems architecture. Based in Arlington, VA, we are conveniently positioned to serve government and military contractors as well as private businesses. Contact our office today to discover how we can help you.

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