Systems Integration

Comprising standalone software and hardware, mobile and web-based apps, cloud platforms and more, today’s IT environments are more complex than ever. In many organizations, there is a clear need for integrated systems that facilitate collaboration, streamline processes, and improve overall efficiency and stability.

A vital partner to thousands of organizations in the government, military and private sectors, Thermopylae Sciences and Technology has been providing advanced system design and consulting services since 2007. We can assess your IT integration requirements and develop a comprehensive plan for meeting them.

Our Capabilities

We have invested specifically in systems integration capabilities that support the various problem sets we specialize in. This includes:

  • Geospatial – Integrating large geospatial data sets is a key concern in supply chain management and other applications. Our iSpatial® platform integrates with both front- and back-end services to give you access to the information you need to make informed decisions. Custom solutions are available, as well.
  • Mobile – Thermopylae’s mobile enterprise and architecture consulting services leverage our years of industry expertise and strong connections with Google and other developers to help your systems work more effectively. We’ll also help you maintain feature parity across multiple mobile, web-based and traditional platforms.
  • Cloud – With more businesses migrating key data and applications to cloud and hybrid cloud environments, systems integration has emerged as a major concern. We can help you maintain business continuity, reduce redundancy and simplify compliance in the cloud.
  • Database – Coordinating and streamlining data from multiple sources is essential for fostering meaningful collaboration and sharing resources. Database integration means your team will be making decisions based on the latest and most accurate information available at all times.
  • Application – The easier it is for your enterprise applications to share processes and data, the more efficiently and securely your systems will run. Application integration also helps ensure your systems are scalable to accommodate future growth.

Contact Thermopylae to Learn More

Effective systems integration should draw on the collective resources of developers, engineers, information architects and other experts. At Thermopylae, our collaborative approach helps us find creative solutions for all types of systems integration issues. To find out more about how we can help your organization, contact our Arlington, Virginia headquarters today.

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