Google Cloud

Thermopylae is a Premier Google Cloud Partner and maintains close ties with Google’s technologists from both a Government and Commercial perspective. We offer a full range of Google products and services as well as Google-certified business strategists and software integrators/engineers.

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Geospatial Solutions

Thermopylae’s Google geospatial solutions and services are designed to quickly deliver advanced geospatial capabilities for your organization’s specific need.

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IT Consulting

TST’s staff of highly educated and experienced IT professionals are available to consult on a variety of topics and make recommendations, develop solutions, and architect complex systems.

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Cloud Computing

Thermopylae excels at cloud architecture and virtualization. Our experience in cloud technology spans the commercial sector, DoD, and Federal Government.

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Mobile Development

Thermopylae’s strong mobile development capabilities are one of our core services.

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Software Development

TST maintains the in-house ability to develop software from the ground up, ensuring that all of our customers’ requirements are met.

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Systems Architecture

Thermopylae’s technical capabilities are punctuated by our ability to design, develop, and integrate advanced systems architecture for our customers. Complex systems with security and classification concerns are among our core capabilities.

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Systems Integration

Systems integration capabilities support many of the customer engagements that Thermopylae leads. Geospatial, mobile, cloud, database, and application integration are some of the common problem sets that we support.

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