A.J. Clark

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Clark is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Thermopylae Sciences and Technology (TST). His focus is on team development, product awareness, delivering quality, and strategic growth for TST. He works directly on programs for customers to provide enterprise architecture support for Geospatial Systems, Mobile Frameworks, Cyber Security Programs, Disaster Relief Management, and Cloud Computing Solutions. Mr. Clark has over 15 years of experience in program management and systems integration for multiple organizations to include the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of State (DoS). He has traveled extensively for the Government, working in the Middle East, Central Asia, the Caribbean, and Latin America. He works with various organizations to develop solutions that incorporate emerging or future technological combined capabilities to solve a wide range of enterprise Information Technology challenges. He is intimately involved in various philanthropic pursuits and maintains close ties to academia as it relates to business and technology.

Prior to joining TST, Mr. Clark worked as a vice president for a US Fortune 500 technology company with a focus on Global Information Systems managing an annual budget of $110M. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA), a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, is a certified Program Management Professional, and a member of numerous technical, business, and military associations. He has experience in managing all aspects of systems development and has managed corporate financial budgets while operating under strict Sarbanes Oxley standards.

Mr. Clark has experience within the Joint Military community where he provided support to the U.S. Southern Command leading their technical response to the Joint Information Operation Center planning effort. Mr. Clark worked as the Fusion Analysis Chief in various Joint Task Forces to bring disparate organizations, agencies and countries together to support common objectives.

Mr. Clark’s active duty military experience includes work in support of CENTCOM focused on analysis for counter terrorism and a variety of other disciplines. His corporate experience prior to working on active duty focused on business management. He worked as Operations Officer for the CEO and CFO of a small aerospace engineering company to provide contract management support, management of business operations, and the handling of Human Resources issues.

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