J. David Sheremata

Director of Solutions Engineering

As the Director of Solutions Engineering, J. David "Dave" Sheremata is responsible for the management of Thermopylae Sciences & Technology's software development practice. In this role, Mr. Sheremata focuses on the implementation of Agile practices across all software engineering teams as well as the oversight of customer software development, estimation, and execution of requirements. He functions as the "anchorman for engineering," supporting all corporate practices: Product, Consulting, Operations, Sales, Business Development, HR and Finance.

Mr. Sheremata is passionate about technology, people, and simplicity. He believes that processes should serve peoples' needs, as opposed to the other way around. He strives to build runway and vision, making every team member a force-multiplier, with the ultimate goal of leading a proud team that delivers quality software to happy customers.

Dave has been developing software professionally for the past 25 years and before that, for 10 years as a young computer enthusiast. Prior to his career at TST, he spent 12 years supporting Government customers, primarily in the Intelligence Community, providing research and fielding to systems such as DCGS-A and JIOC-IT. In addition to Government experience, Mr. Sheremata has worked for Fortune 1000 companies including Landmark Systems, Dow Jones, Software AG, Iona Technologies, and SAIC. An Agile devotee since 2000, he was mentored by Kent Beck, the "Father of Extreme Programming."

Dave was raised in Montreal, Canada, but calls Northern Virginia home. He is an avid musician, performing regularly in the Washington, D.C area. As a perpetual autodidact, Dave spends most weekends hacking new software technologies.


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